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hi, I’m Rhiana, Im 20 and I live in montreal.

some things I love: my cats, going to shows, people watching, rugby, food, feminism
If I say some ignorant shit, call me out.
I live for internet validation.

Ask me anything

Tea cup candles! 

This project costs abouts 30$, really depending on the price of the tea cups you use (thrift shops, like value village! NOT vintage shops where the cups can cost upwards 30$) and the price of the materials. I chose to add sparkles and vanilla scent, but you could do whatever to the wax. You don’t even have to buy craft wax. If you have candles that aren’t being used, you can melt them down. Make sure to buy a crappy pot because the wax is hard to clean off… You might not want to cook with that same pot, ya know?

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